Wedding Ring Love

  There is a difference between good and great wedding entertainment. We believe that every wedding should be completely personalized and tailored to match your vision, style, and most importantly your budget.  Are you having an intimate small wedding or a  night life inspired wedding, our team of entertainment professionals understand that planning a wedding can be a very stressful and overwhelming undertaking, Instinctive Event Group is fully committed to help making your planning experience fun, fulfilling, and completely stress-free.  

 Instinctive Event Group produces a limited number of weddings, allowing us to always deliver exceptional entertainment combined with unmatched customer service. Our business continues to grow because your guests go home saying “…that was the best party I have ever been to!” 

 Our dedicated team is fully involved throughout your planning process to help answer all of your questions and offer valuable recommendations. We also provide unlimited access to our online event planning tools (to help plan your wedding), as well as a comprehensive portfolio of unique entertainment enhancements to complement your special day.

We’re honored to be considered for your wedding entertainment.

 If you are ready to plan the wedding of your dreams, please give us a call to set up a no-obligation, no-pressure introductory appointment so we can get acquainted! Instinctive Event Group proudly supports marriage equality.


Cold Spark Effect Machine

Wedding Sparklers

You have likely seen pyrotechnic displays that are awe inspiring. You likely have probably also seen displays that are not very impressive because there is either not enough height or not enough synchronization between the bursts. We change all of this. Each unit has a fill for the spark producing powder which can last up to 15 minutes of total effect time.  

Up Lighting​ / Light Scaping

Light Scaping

 Enhance the atmosphere of your reception venue with any combination of colors you desire.  We have professional lighting technicians that can be on hand at your celebration to create your vision and adjust the ambience in the room throughout the event.  We can alter the atmosphere to be everything from elegant, to a cool lounge, to an amazing club feel throughout the night.  

Dancing On The Clouds

Dancing On the clouds

Dancing on the Clouds is a special effect created by using a professional dry ice machine which produces thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising.
Your dance floor will be transformed instantaneously with a beautiful sea of cloud which will gently lap around your feet, creating a magical look that will really add the ‘Wow’ factor to your first dance.​ 

Personalized Monogram Light

Gobo Monogram Light

 From the moment your guests arrive into the reception location, they will be taken back by the extravagant and beautiful Monogram light. You can dazzle everyone at your event with your Personalized Monogram Lighting that is shown on the dance floor or wall. Make the moment truly yours! Make your special event unique! 

Video Screens​​

Video Screens

 Include up to six screens featuring a custom video montage, mini montages for candle lighting, digital snapshots of your guests, music videos & ambient effect videos, plus live social media feeds and unique interactive content.​ 

Ceremony Music

Wedding Cermony

 If you are getting married at your reception hall, we can provide beautiful music for your ceremony. We’ll play music for prelude, processional, special traditions (i.e. unity candle) and recessional. We can also supply a wireless microphone and a microphone stand if needed.

*Ceremony Music On Location
*Off Site Ceremony Music
* Beach Ceremony​ 

Lounge Décor​

Lounge Decor

 Lounge Décor is a new creative way for your family and friends to relax. We have couches, cabanas, cubbies and LED glow cubes and much more that could be customize for your special occasion. 

LED Tower/Intel Lights

LED tower intelligent lights

  LED Towers & Intelligent lights we can create a “spotlight” 1st dance and/or spotlight the grand entrance for the couple coming into the room. You will feel like movie stars! We can also alter the colors and patterns during the night and create a vibrant party atmosphere or high-energy feel. 

Dance Staging

Dance Staging

 Our tiered light-up stages add significant energy and excitement to any dance floor, by displaying an eye-catching spectrum of customized colors and patterns. Our stages easily incorporate up to 20 guests at a time.
Your dance floor will be transformed instantaneously with a beautiful sea of cloud which will gently lap around your feet, creating a magical look that will really add the ‘Wow’ factor to your first dance.​