Bar/Bat Mitzvah Entertainment


At Instinctive Event Group, we provide mitzvah entertainment that appeals to all ages by combining music, video screens, Lighting, and interaction DJs . Our music sets are designed to strike a familiar chord with your guests and get them dancing right from the start. Our interactive Masters of Ceremonies and party motivator dancers will host games and contests with the kids. Then lead all of your guests to the dance floor for some high energy dancing. We know what it takes to keep both the adults and the kids partying all day.

From day 1 you will have access to our event planning on line to start planning your event.

• What kind of music does your daughter like to listen to? 

• What are the parents’ taste in music?  

• What activities in school is she involved in?  

• How many Bar / Bat Mitzvahs has he or she attended?